Bending and Breaking

Lay Leaders
in Small Churches


Lay leaders in small churches can have a really tough time surviving let alone serving. Let us help you find ways to apply your theology and skills more effectively in your situation.

Mentoring & Training

Bending and Breaking is a ministry that’s here to help you reflect on yourself and your context to make you an expert in your particular ministry setting. We employ a blend of mentoring practices and targeted training to take you from where you are now to a place where you’re confident to handle present difficulties and future surprises. If you’re interested in working with us click through to learn more.
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Our videos and podcasts feature a range of thoughts on a range of topics to help push and refine the average lay leaders’ theology. In each episode we try to explore ideas and tease out their implications on the Christian life.

When our understanding of God, our theology, meets God’s revelation of himself in the events of our lives we often find that the two don’t perfectly match up. In these circumstances our theology will either bend to understand God more clearly or it will break as we try to hold an insufficient theology against an immense God. Bending and Breaking is about maturing our theology so we can better engage with God in our lives. Each episode we’ll look deeply at a topic, explore ideas and tease out implications for living. 

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Browse our selection of resources that we’ve developed over many years—including articles, downloadable files and more. Feel free to share and distribute them as needed but please keep them branded as a means of attribution.

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Partner with us to provide ministry support to small, struggling churches at low or no cost.

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