Bending and Breaking

Sydney based mentoring
and training



Our goal when mentoring and training lay leaders is to help them discover how to best serve God and those around them in a sustainable fashion in accordance with their giftings and skills.

To clarify, we’re not coming in as a leader into your ministry and will not directly engage in the ministry you are seeking to improve. Rather, we work by supporting the lay leaders of those ministries and helping them to remedy inefficiencies in and around the ministry.

Philosophy of Ministry

Our ministry is based upon one foundational principle; that the individual’s best expression of service in ministry comes as a result of living out their unique God given identity in the situation they are in.

We believe that trying to be someone you are not or operating in an unrealistic environment is detrimental not only to your service but to yourself and your faith. There are, of course, times when it is necessary for a person to serve out of their comfort zone. But if this is the norm then that is cause to reimagine the situation.



Understanding the individual

Exploring the leader’s core values, what energises and drains the leader, the current life situation of the leader, their view on the role etc.


Understanding the context

This includes, but is not limited to, the state of the church, the vision and values of the church, the role which they are or are going to fill, the expectations of the leader by various stakeholders etc.


mapping a path forward

The delta between the first two steps will expose where work needs to be done. This might include re- setting expectations, training in particular skills or theology, development of processes for church systems etc. The steps forward and indicators of progress will need to be agreed upon, in principle, by key stakeholders.



Carrying out the plan is the least complicated but most difficult part of this process. Relevant parties must each put in the effort for progress to be made.

Package Pricing

Because the training and mentoring provided for each situation is significantly different, we can’t provide a single package or pricing for the service. However, examples of a sample package with pricing is below.


Engagement Duration: 10 weeks
Price: Starting at $1000


Engagement Duration: 10 weeks
Price: Starting at $3500
Please keep in mind the examples are very rough guides and of limited use because there are many variables which might affect pricing. For example, the number of leaders mentored, length of training sessions, skills to be worked on, current church situation etc. Please contact us if you have any questions, there is no charge for discussing the details or potential scope of an engagement.
be trained and mentored in your church ministry



At this point a few points probably need clarification. We’re not leaders in your church. Our most direct work will be with you, the lay leader, and helping you make progress. We’re not people who are experts in your particular ministry (although by chance we might have some expertise in the area). We’re here to guide you in navigating your unique church situation so that you grow to a point of self sustainability. Our goal is to turn you into the expert.

John will personally do the mentoring work but not all skills training will be done by him. As mentioned many times, we’re not necessarily an expert in your ministry area. At different times we may guide you to a book, a teacher, a workshop etc. if that would better suit your needs. However, we’ll always be walking beside you on the journey.

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